Cretaceous Stratigraphy

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Cretaceous strata exposed in the Book Cliffs near Green River, Utah.
Cretaceous strata exposed in the Book Cliffs near Green River, Utah. Details

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Colorado Plateau Stratigraphy

Resources containing information about Cretaceous Colorado Plateau stratigraphy.

  • Coalbed Gas Resources of the Rocky Mountain Region. This fact sheet, provided by the US Geological Survey, summarizes the geology and production potential of sedimentary provinces that contain extensive coal deposits and significant coalbed methane gas resources in the Rocky Mountain region. The sheet supplies information about what coalbed methane is, where it occurs, how it is recovered and how geologists assess its distribution and quality. A map of resources within the Rocky Mountain region is provided with the text. (more info)
  • Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Colorado Plateau. This site provides a portal to an extensive USGS report that summarizes the regional geology, stratigraphy and coal energy resources of the Colorado Plateau region. A map of Colorado Plateau resources and outcrop photos of Cretaceous strata exposed in the region are provided on this page with links to individual sections of the report. Additional maps, cross sections, stratigraphic columns and information about the geology, stratigraphy, coal deposits and resource recovery are also available. (more info)
  • Geology Fieldnotes: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Located on the Colorado Plateau in Utah, this canyon is comprised mostly of sedimentary rocks, and continues to be eroded and shaped by the Paria River. Its geologic and human history are outlined on this site, including the formation of the canyon, from the Cretaceous period (144 million years ago) to the present, and geologic features, such as fins, columns, pinnacles, and hoodoos. Visitor information, links to other resources, maps, and a teacher feature (resources for teaching geology with National Park examples) are also available. (more info)
  • Regional Paleogeographic Views of Earth History. Regional paleogeographic reconstructions of North America, Colorado Plateau, SW North America, and Mesozoic terrane accretion. These beautiful reconstructions by geologist Ron Blakey (formerly Northern Arizona University) and Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc. ( This site may be offline. )

Canadian and Alaskan Stratigraphy

Resources containing information about Cretaceous stratigraphy in Canada and Alaska.

  • Revised Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphic Nomenclature in the Colville Basin, Northern Alaska. Cretaceous and Tertiary strata exposed in northern Alaska record clastic sediment deposition within a foreland basin adjacent to the ancestral Brooks Range, and form part of an important petroleum play. The goal of this U.S. Geological Survey report is to synthesize the complex stratigraphy of this area into a more simplified scheme. It discusses the regional geology of northern Alaska and the stratigraphy of the Colville Basin in detail. Maps, cross sections, correlation charts, and numerous outcrop photos with detailed captions accompany the text. (more info)

Gulf Coast Stratigraphy

Resources containing information about Cretaceous stratigraphy in the Gulf of Mexico region.

European and Tethys Stratigraphy

Resources containing information about select European Cretaceous and Tethian stratigraphy.

  • Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy. The objective of this site is to construct a database for Cretaceous Tethyan stratigraphy. Stratigraphic information, photos and charts are arranged by geologic stage in a vertical menu. The types of information found in this site include basin reference sections, basin or platform control sections, biostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic data, as well as other data that support and refine correlations. Access to scientific forums about Tethyan stratigraphy and a list of relevant links are also provided. (more info)