Initial Publication Date: April 21, 2023

Workshop Preparation


By May 1: Create an NC-FEW Member Profile Page

We are building an NC-FEW Member Profile Database to help build community and assist people in finding new collaborators. Workshop participants will be the first group to be featured. Leadership team members have developed their pages so you can see some examples. To create your page, simply fill out the member profile submission form.

On the form, the second two questions mirror the essays that you wrote for your workshop applications. You are welcome to use that text as is or modify as you see fit for a public audience. If you didn't save your application text and you want it, email Bradlee Wahid Cotton (

By May 10 (before the workshop starts)

  • Review submissions to the NC-FEW Member Profile Database to start getting to know your colleagues and identify folks that you want to connect with.
  • If you haven't already, please view the slides and/or recording of the NC-FEW Updates & Introductions Webinar from December, 2022 to familiarize yourself with the current structure and focus of NC-FEW.
  • Create your SERC account
    • Visit the SERC Account page. If you have an account, you can log in here. If you don't have an existing account, create one using the e-mail address you provided when applying and registering for this workshop. If you have an existing account under a different email address, contact Bradlee Wahid Cotton.

Poster Session

Max size: 36" x 48" [Posters will be pinned to 36" X 48" foam core boards; smaller posters are acceptable.] There is no required template for the poster beyond the size constraints. Landscape (48" wide X 36" tall) or Portrait (36" wide x 48" tall) are acceptable as the boards will be on individual easels.

In addition to the poster session at the workshop, we will be hosting a "virtual poster session" as a record of this session and to showcase your work to those who were unable to attend. To include your poster in this virtual session, use the poster submission form to submit your poster prior to the start of the workshop (by May 11).

Participants are expected to print their own posters and it is acceptable to re-use a poster that you have already presented at a different conference.