Fall Newsletter (#5) (Acrobat (PDF) 1MB Jun2 22) – An overview of the recent NC-FEW presentations and new leadership opportunities, an explanation of the research synthesis, and an invitation to contribute to the Virtual Showcase and Special Issue "Water literacy and Education".

Summer Newsletter (#4) (Acrobat (PDF) 2MB Jun2 22) – An announcement about the Virtual Showcase and new leadership opportunities, an overview of the informal/nonformal working group, and an update on NSF grant awarded NC-FEW member.

Spring Newsletter (#3) (Acrobat (PDF) 1MB Jun2 22) – An update on COVID-19 and NC-FEW, overview of the postsecondary working group, information about funding opportunities, and the announcement of NC-FEW's new Twitter handle.

Winter Newsletter (#2) (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB Jun2 22) – A snapshot of NC-FEW membership, an overview of the K-12 working group, and information about funding opportunities.


Fall Newsletter (#1) (Acrobat (PDF) 999kB Jun2 22) – A welcome from and introduction to the NC-FEW Leadership Team, an overview of NC-FEW and the FEW-Nexus, and a recap of the 2018 NC-FEW invited conference.