Quahog Dissection

Background Reading - Virtual Dissections & Images - Laboratory Procedures

Background Reading

  • Quahog Development and Growth . This Rhode Island Sea Grant informational page features Quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria) growth and development. The page begins with eggs and fertilization, takes readers... (more info)
  • Quahog Dissection. This Rhode Island Sea Grant informational page presents a descriptive guide to Quahog (a type of hard-shell clam) dissections. The page accompanies students performing a... (more info)
  • Quahog Fact Sheet. This Rhode Island Sea Grant Fact Sheet describes quahogs, a type of shellfish, and their role in commercial fishery. It includes information about quahog physical... (more info)

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Virtual Dissections & Images

  • Clam. This Tennessee Tech web page contains step-by-step thumbnail photos of a clam dissection. Clicking on a thumbnail reveals the full-size photograph with labeled structures. (more info)
  • Clam Dissection. This online slide presentation features an image rich overview of clam dissections. The 31 slides include images portraying step of a dissection as well as... (more info)
  • Clam Review. This Cornell University website features a virtual clam dissection. Four high-resolution images � intact clam, inner surface of valve, overview of clam with left valve... (more info)
  • Mollusc Form and Function. This Zoo Lab web page features information regarding mollusc form and function. Links are provided to images of snail radula, Veliger larvae, Glochidium larva, squid... (more info)

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Laboratory Exercises

  • Mercenaria Laboratory Exercise. This Invertebrate Anatomy Online exercise, featuring the hard-shell clam Mercenaria mercenaria (quahog), is part of an Internet laboratory manual for courses in Invertebrate Zoology... (more info)
  • Mollusca Laboratory. This 12-page PDF laboratory exercise explores the anatomy of molluscs. The exercise includes a detailed dissection procedure, as well as an image-rich summary of the body... (more info)

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