Workshop Program
Faculty Pedagogy Workshops: Math in the Science Classroom

This workshop pair is part of the LSAMP IINSPIRE Annual Conference February 1-2, 2019 at the Scheman Building at Iowa State Center in Ames, IA.

Session 1: Just in time math in the science classroom


  • Introduce the idea of Just in Time Teaching for math in a science classroom
  • Share understanding of challenges and approaches to teaching JiTT math
  • Generate ideas for creating and adapting JiTT activities in your situation

Resources for Session 1
Video example of using JITT in a classroom (external link, requires Adobe Flash)


12:00 Introduction to Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) approach - Jim

12:10 Example activity - teaching about rates using a JiTT approach - Cailin
Rate activities from Math You Need: When you need it
Video example: Solving unit rate problem from Khan Academy (YouTube link)

12:20 Talk together at your table to discuss specific challenges you face in using math in your classroom and share approaches. - Jim

12:35 Report out and discussion - Jim

12:45 End of Workshop Survey and ideas for our May 2019 workshop

Individual action planning outline: General Action Plan guideline (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 16kB Jun26 15)

Session 2: Strategies for managing uneven math preparation in the classroom


  • Share common barriers to teaching with math and topics that are sticking points in IINSPIRE science courses
  • Explore existing strategies to overcoming these barriers, within the group and across other projects
  • Generate a list of specific topics that would be useful for IINSPIRE faculty to create teaching activities around during the May 2019 workshop.

Resources for Session 2


4:00 Introduction - discussion of the 2017 IINSPIRE needs assessment and need for this topic - Jim

4:10 Approaches and resources others have tried to address these questions- Cailin

Session 2 Resources

4:20 Discussion at your tables: What are specific situations or topics where your students get stuck? (half page )- Jim

4:40 Observations from the group. What should we develop together? - Jim

4:45 End of Workshop evaluationand ideas for our future programs