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Earth System Science Course Design Matrix Focusing on the Biggest Ideas of Science

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For the course development purposes, we can order and describe classes of system interactions possible using a design matrix that identifies case examples that illustrate the relationships and interactions between two spheres. These case examples can be serve as the scaffolding for a thoroughly integrated Earth system course focusing on the Biggest Ideas of Science.
Sample course outlines:

How to Use this Table

The following table shows a matrix for designing an Earth System Course focusing on Great Ideas of Science. Matrices are a good way to think about designing an Earth System course in that it illuminates the relationships between typical topics in Earth science and the parts of the Earth system. This matrix is particularly helpful in looking at interactions between two subsystems. For more information on using course matrices, see Course Design Matrix

Earth System Course Focusing on Great Ideas of Science
Great Idea of Science
Acting on lithosphere Acting on atmosphere Acting on hydrosphere Acting on biosphere Acting on anthroposphere Acting on exoshpere
Continental drift Volcanic eruptions Deep sea vents, sea floor spreading Gene flow and founder effect Web Resources Dealing with the Biosphere Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis On other rocky planets
Biogeochemical cycles Anaerobic Earth Information and web resources on Climate Change Evapotranspiration and climate Biodiversity extinction Hominid palaeontology Panspermia: Life on Earth seeded from outer space?
Big Bang
Creation of Earth elements Creation of gases Origins of water Beginning of life Web Resources for Evolution Hubble Images and the Big Bang Expanding universe