Classroom Data Collection and Grading Tools

A set of web-based tools has been custom designed by SERC for the InTeGrate project. The tools are designed for collection and distributed grading of large student data sets from many institutions, while maintaining student anonymity.

Tools For Managing Classroom Data Collection

Monitoring Data Tools

  • Course Overview Page (for team leads and SERC) contains a summary of information of all courses in which InTeGrate teaching materials is being tested. It includes course dates, InTeGrate materials use dates, and submission status of student assessment data. It acts as a summary and table of contents for the individual Course Status Pages.

  • Course Status Pages (for authors, testers and SERC) allows authors and testers to upload data and rosters, and to monitor their students' progress in completing the IAI and online GLE. SERC uses these pages to track what assessment data has been received including online data provided directly by students, data uploaded through this page by authors and testers, and paper data received by SERC. Detailed directions for authors are available on Using the Course Status Page

Processing Data Tools

  • Manage Question Sets (for SERC) allows SERC staff to input assessment questions, correct responses, and rubrics. These question sets are then used to auto-grade multiple choice questions, and are utilized by the cropping tool and grading tool.

  • Data Import Page (for SERC) allows SERC staff and student workers to process received materials. A variety of processes are enacted through this interface:
    • Data is uploaded in csv files (multiple choice) or pdfs (essays and other complex assignments)
    • Student ID's are encrypted
    • Multiple choice GLE tests are auto-graded
    • Essay and other complex assignments provided on paper and then scanned can have the area of the page with the student response copied out (cropped) as a separate image to be used during manual grading
    • Once IRB's are imported, uploaded data becomes available in the Data Output. The system automatically strips all data from students that have opted out of the study.

  • Grading Tool (for Assessment Team) loads all the cropped essay and complex assignment data (for those students that have opted into the study). Here, the assessment team lead can make grading assignments for the assessment team, questions and rubrics are displayed, and student responses can be viewed and graded.

  • Data Export (for SERC) after all the data is processed, a spreadsheet can be downloaded with desired data, and will include all students that have opted-in. The student data is graded for multiple choice questions and identified as existing for crops. All data is paired (one student per row) and identified by an encrypted, non-reversible student ID.

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