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Assessment Team

Team Leads

David Steer
University of Akron
Assessment working group leader David Steer's home page

Ellen Iverson
Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College
Collection of assessment data Ellen Iverson's home page

Stuart Birnbaum
University of Texas at San Antonio
Materials assessment manager Stuart Birnbaum's home page

Emily Geraghty Ward
Rocky Mountain College
GLE development lead Emily G Ward's home page

Team Members

Leilani Arthurs
University of Nebraska- Lincoln Leilani Arthurs' home page

Aida Awad
Maine East High School

Barbara Bekken
Virginia Tech Barbara Bekken's home page

Susan Buhr
CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder Susan Buhr's home page

Joshua Caulkins
University of Rhode Island

Megan Plenge
Trinity University

Mary Savina
Carleton College

Karen Viskupic
Boise State University Karen Viskupic's home page

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