Introducing Geophysics for Urban and Near-surface Applications

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The IGUaNA project team is in the process of developing teaching materials for introductory-level undergraduate geophysics courses. These materials will feature the applications of geophysical techniques to societally-relevant, real-world problems. The project team brings deep expertise in geophysics content and pedagogy to the development of the project materials. Each of the course modules will be peer-reviewed, tested in undergraduate classrooms, revised, and then shared via this website. These NSF-funded resources will be available free of charge.

Teaching Materials

We are developing four topical modules, each designed to take 1-3 weeks of class time. Each of the first three modules is intended for introductory-level undergraduate courses and focuses on the applications of a single geophysical method to questions or problems that affect local communities.

Read more about the teaching materials.

For More Information

For more information: read about this project and the project team.

This work is supported by the Seismological Facility for the Advancement of Geoscience (SAGE) which is a major facility operated by the IRIS Consortium and funded by the National Science Foundation under award EAR-1851048.

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