Initial Publication Date: September 9, 2019

Travel and Logistics

Primary travel logistics contact

Melissa Weber, administrative assistant to the UNAVCO Education and Community Engagement team: 303-381-7562;

Please let Melissa ( know your travel plans by October 30 so we can finalize the hotel reservation and plan the car pools or shuttles as needed.

  • Cohort 1 participants - Please contact our corporate travel agent, Katie Shapiro, for your travel needs.
    --Katie Shapiro, UNAVCO Corporate Travel Consultant; 303-386-8509;
  • PIs - You will arrange your own travel on your own budgets.


  • Be sure to bring a laptop to the workshop! - The following are assets but are not necessary. We will have a couple extra computers available.
    • If you have a purchased copy of Agisoft MetaShape Pro (or PhotoScan) on a computer, it would good to bring that laptop.
    • If you do not own MetaShape but have a computer on which you have not yet done a 30-day trial, that would be good. 30-day trial license is fast and easy to get but you cannot do it on a computer that already has used the trial.
    • PCs have the capacity to use RTKLib, a GPS post-processing free software. We will not spend much time on this but if this is of high interest, you may be glad for the PC.
  • Clothing for variable weather - sun, rain, wind - we will be outside for up to a couple hours
  • Water bottle
  • Insulated mug (or other reusable drink vessel)
  • Tablet/smart phone - Emlid Reach RS2 uses an app as a controller. Again this isn't absolutely essential as we will have some extras; but you may prefer your own.
  • Camera with remote controller (some cameras can be operated via a smart phone app instead of a dedicated remote) - if you would like to try practicing SfM on a pole mount


A block of shared rooms have been reserved for meeting attendees at the Hampton Inn in Gunbarrel. The address is 6333 Lookout Road, Boulder, CO 80301 – less than a mile from the UNAVCO office. These have been reserved using UNAVCO's company card. Group confirmation number is 94621588.

  • Cohort 1 participants - UNAVCO will be paying for your hotel stay. You may be asked to provide a credit card number for any personal incidentals. PLEASE NOTE: Should you plan on taking some additional travel time in the Boulder area, the extended travel will be at your own expense.
  • PIs - will need to change these to credit cards that will be billed or reimbursed by the respective institutions (IU, ISU).

Getting to/from Denver International Airport

We will arrange car pools for most people to get to/from Denver International Airport to the UNAVCO office/Hampton Inn. Depending on arrival times or flight delays, a few people may take shuttles or Uber/Lyft/taxi. Melissa will be the point of contact for airport transportation.

Transportation will be provided to you from the hotel to the UNAVCO office during your stay either by the same airport car pool or by one of the PIs. Similarly, car pools or shuttles will be arranged for the return to the airport on November 17.

Getting around UNAVCO area

Map of UNAVCO area (Acrobat (PDF) 196kB Nov11 19)

Hampton Inn has a complimentary breakfast available. Meet in the Hampton Inn Foyer at 7:40 am to catch a ride to UNAVCO each morning. You are also welcome to walk if you wish for exercise (15-18 minutes) but the UNAVCO building will be locked so if you get there earlier than the group, you will have to wait. If you have any issues with entry, call Beth (509-899-3480). Let Beth or Ben know if you are walking so that carpools are not waiting for you unnecessarily.

Transportation times

It typically takes 1.5 hours to get to Boulder including collecting checked bags. For participants, there are no planned project activities Friday Nov 15 besides the travel to Boulder itself. If you will be to the hotel in time for dinner, it would be great if you joined the PIs for an informal meal at 7pm at the Elemental Bistro, which is across the Hampton Inn parking lot.

The meeting will adjourn in Boulder on Sunday afternoon at 12 pm, so a 2:30 pm or later flight would give you time to get to the airport, and be on time to catch your flight. Many people will be able to do their traveling on Sunday afternoon. However, if your origin takes longer to reach, the project will pay for Sunday night hotel as needed based on available flights.