Initial Publication Date: January 29, 2015

Travel and Logistics

Primary travel logistics contact

Melissa Weber, administrative assistant to the UNAVCO Education and Community Engagement team. office: 303-381-7562;
Please let Melissa know your travel plans by March 15 so she can arrange proper hotel nights and we know when to expect your shuttle arrival.

Be sure to bring a laptop to the workshop!


A block of rooms have been reserved for meeting attendees at the Hampton Inn in Gunbarrel. The address is 6333 Lookout Road, Boulder, CO 80301 – less than a mile from the UNAVCO office. These have been reserved using UNAVCO's company card. Ellen, Stuart, Bruce, and Becca will need to change these to credit cards that will be billed or reimbursed by their institutions (SERC, IU, MtSAC). The room for Sarah will be paid on the UNAVCO card. Eric, we are assuming you will stay at home since you are from the area.

Getting to/from DIA

You can arrange for transport from Denver International Airport to the Hampton Inn hotel with SuperShuttle . Transportation will be provided to you from the hotel to the UNAVCO office during your stay. For the departure on April 19th, Beth can drop off anyone heading to the airport from Boulder on her way home. If you plan to stay for the whole meeting and then leave straight for the airport (2:30-3 pm), there is no need to book a return ticket on the Shuttle.

Getting around UNAVCO area

Please see the attached Map of UNAVCO area (Acrobat (PDF) 356kB Feb6 15). Anyone at UNAVCO in the morning (GETSI PIs + UNAVCO folks) will be having lunch at Gurkhas around 12:15-1:15 pm. If you are arriving during Friday morning, feel free to join us at Gurkhas if you can get there by ~12:45pm. It is a 7-8 minutes walk from the hotel and has a nice Indian buffet. If you arrive later or do not need lunch, give Beth or Melissa a call and someone will come get you.

Hampton Inn has a complimentary breakfast available. Meet in the Hampton Inn Foyer at 8:15 am to catch a ride to UNAVCO each morning. You are also welcome to walk if you wish for exercise (15-18 minutes) but the UNAVCO building will be locked so if you get there earlier than the group, you will have to wait. If you come later, call Beth to get let in.

Transportation time

It typically takes 1.5 hours to get to Boulder including collecting checked bags. Please arrange your travel accordingly in order to be able to participate by midday on Friday, April 17th. The meeting will adjourn in Boulder on Sunday afternoon sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 pm, so a 6:00 pm or later flight would give you plenty of time to get to the airport, and be on time to catch your flight.