Week 11: Using Satellite Data to Investigate Deforestation

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Weekly Goals

  • Understand how color images are captured and reproduced.
  • Understand how satellite data helps us investigate deforestation.
  • Learn how data collected at different wavelengths can be combined in different orders to highlight surface features on Earth.
  • Share your ideas about how you might use Landsat data in your classroom teaching.
  • Provide feedback on what you are learning and the process of learning it.

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List of This Week's Tasks

  1. Deconstruct and reconstruct color images.
  2. Find out about NASA's role in studying deforestation.
  3. Combine three Landsat spectral bands to produce true and false color composites.
  4. Create an RGB color image showing changes in deforestation using time-series images.
  5. Locate a Landsat image of interest to you.
  6. Contribute to an online discussion centered on using Landsat data in your teaching.
  7. Answer the Week 11 Feedback questions.

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A Look at the Week Page by Page

Intro to Color Imaging

This page provides an introduction to color theory. You will learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct color images.

If you are pressed for time, watch all the movies.

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Eyes on Deforestation

Find out more about the problem of deforestation and NASA's role in studying it.

If you are pressed for time, read the background information and save the Resources for later.

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Getting to Know Multispectral Imaging

This page introduces you to multispectral data.

Use ImageJ to create true and false color images using three bands of Landsat data. Save the RGB color image as a JPEG. This is the image that you'll post to your discussion section.

This weekly activity is required and is due on Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

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Using ImageJ to Detect Change

On this page, you apply the technique of creating an RGB composite image to time-series images. The end result is "change detection" image in which colors in the image correspond to the timing of deforestation that took place.

Even if you are pressed for time, you'll want to try this out.

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Share and Discuss

This page allows you to access your discussion section plus gives you the opportunity to provide us feedback.

Feedback is optional and anonymous. However, if you have time to provide feedback, you can help us better meet your needs.

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Posting on Your Weekly Discussion Section Page (i.e. JSC 1, JSC 2, etc.)

Discuss with your colleagues how you might use multispectral image data with your students. It is helpful if you create a new thread when you post your Tuesday assignment. Then use the reply function to "talk" to others in your section about their ideas.

This weekly activity is required and occurs from Tuesday, May 4, through Thursday, May 6, 2010.

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