Using E-Compete

Get Started with E-Compete

Onboarding for team advisors

If you are new to E-Compete or setting up a new team, visit our Onboarding to get your account, dashboard, and program set up.

Resources for Using E-Compete

Advice from E-Compete Users

Read advice from other E-Compete users on successful implementation of the method.

E-Compete Outcomes

View a full table of Outcome Categories and Components evaluated by E-Compete assessments.

E-Compete Timeline

Preview a Timeline of E-Compete steps and MATE-ROV competition preparation

Compatibility with MATE-ROV Competition Scoring

Preview MATE-ROV scoring and learn about compatibility with E-Compete learning outcomes

E-Compete ROV Post-Competition Team Debrief

Guidance and resources for running a post-competition team debrief.

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