Metacognitive Card Game

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Better upon reflection: building metacognitive habits ONE card at a time

Thank for your interest in playing and helping us refine our metacognitive cards. If you are accepted to participate, you receive a deck of cards and the opportunity to play as an individual and with your team. Please note that this opportunity is only available to U.S. institutions.

The cards are designed to strengthen habits that can improve performance in any domain. Each card offers a fun way for students to reflect on their own learning and how they might make adjustments to learn more effectively.This process, called 'metacognition,' has been shown to improve student success in all sorts of ways, including boosts in reading comprehension, critical thinking, performance, communication, and problem-solving.

Cards can be used at any time, in any order, singly, or in any combination. They can be played by individuals or by a team. The goal to return to the cards regularly because frequency is the key to habit formation.

If you're selected, you'll be asked to:

  • Play the cards on multiple occasions using the instructions provided
  • Complete an online questionnaire where you can offer feedback on your experience with the cards.
  • Meet with the card-designer for a follow-up virtual conversation to follow-up on ways to refine the cards.

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To print your own cards, download the files:

Print-your-own Metacognition Cards (Acrobat (PDF) 421kB Feb20 24)

Print-your-own Metacognition Card Box (Acrobat (PDF) 734kB Feb20 24)


  • Use cardstock weight paper
  • Print 2-sided
  • Cut along black lines