Supporting undergraduate research experiences with an online evaluation process


Now Available: Instructional videos for learning about EvaluateUR and how to successfully implement this method on your campus.

Read more about the evaluation of the impact of EvaluateUR.

Moving to virtual/remote undergraduate research this summer? Learn how EvaluateUR supports virtual undergraduate research experiences (Acrobat (PDF) 91kB Apr14 20)


EvaluateUR supports independent summer and academic year undergraduate research. It can be used to support your NSF REU or other cohort research program. A one year subscription to EvaluateUR is only $500. Learn more about EvaluateUR, join the email list to receive updates, and Subscribe.

Due to uncertainties introduced by COVID-19 all subscriptions to EvaluateUR made before June 30, 2020 will be automatically extended to 2 years at no extra cost.

An innovative approach to document student content knowledge, skills, and student awareness.

  1. Reliable independent assessment
  2. Facilitate mentor and student communication
  3. A community of support

Do you administer an undergraduate research program? Watch the video to learn about EvaluateUR, an approach for evaluating undergraduate research and enhancing mentoring.

EvaluateUR-CURE is a NSF funded project that builds on EvaluateUR by expanding the design to meet the needs of entire classrooms of students who conduct course-based research.

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