Initial Publication Date: January 31, 2024

Message Board

Welcome to the 2024 Rendezvous message board! Rendezvous participants are invited to use this space to start discussions, ask questions, and connect with other attendees. New to the Rendezvous and looking for lunch/dinner companions? Trying to share rides to and from the airport? Want to follow up with folks following discussions started in your workshop or poster session? The message board is the perfect place for all of these discussions and more.

To create a new discussion thread, add a short but descriptive title for your thread in the text box below and click 'Create this new thread.' You will be directed to a new page where you can add a post to your new thread.

Please note that the NAGT Code of Conduct applies to this discussion board along with all other Rendezvous venues. See here for the NAGT Code of Conduct for details.

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Monica Bruckner Jun, 12th
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Monica Bruckner Jun, 12th