The Groundwater Project – A Global Initiative to Serve Humanity and our Planet's Ecology by Making Groundwater Knowledge Freely Available

Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm
Poster Session Part of Friday Poster Session


John Cherry, Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute / Emeritus University of Waterloo
Craig Nichol, University of British Columbia Okanagan

Groundwater makes up 99 % of all liquid freshwater and is essential for sustaining biodiversity, food production, and climate adaptation. Although the future of humanity is closely tied to groundwater, there is a fundamental deficiency in the capacity to recognize, assess and solve groundwater problems. Groundwater science is a distinct discipline, requiring specialized knowledge and solutions that are at the core of freshwater. Decision makers and the public have been given insufficient exposure to this knowledge, which is needed to make informed decisions about the water resources. Furthermore, enhanced public knowledge will empower citizens and water stakeholders to take informed, local action on water issues. There are many factors that contribute to this situation of lack of groundwater knowledge and awareness, but the most important one is the widespread lack of opportunities to learn about groundwater, its problems, and solutions and how groundwater relates to food, energy, biodiversity, climate
resilience and poverty.

The Groundwater Project (, is a Canadian non-profit charitable organization incorporated in 2019, committed to advancement in education by creating and making available online free high-quality groundwater educational material for all (books, video's). The Groundwater Project, which promotes groundwater learning, is driven by the philanthropic work of more than a thousand volunteers, with exceptional groundwater expertise from scientists and practitioners from more than 30 countries. The published books are aimed at education for readership at all levels and all global circumstances to serve humanity and our Planet's ecology. In this poster we will share our story, accomplishments, and vision, and how we are endeavoring to make a difference to groundwater education and awareness of groundwater in environmental management, food production and the citizenry at large. We will outline future opportunities for geoscience educators to become involved.