Day 1: Monday, July 10th

Theme: Teaching Coriolis through DIY Demonstrations

Introduction: Do-it-yourself Lab, Do-it-yourself Dynamics and our goal of accessible, people-based climate education
Interactive Demonstration: Online resources for atmospheres, oceans, and climate
Brief Presentation: Teaching Coriolis
Interactive Demonstration: Get up and move with the Coriolis Circle
Discussion: Teaching Coriolis in your classroom with ties to weather and climate

Day 2: Tuesday, July 11th

Theme: Teaching Buoyancy and our DIYnamics kits as a planetary model

Introduction to DIYnamics Kits: How do our kits serve as a human-scale models for planets and flows on planets?
Demonstration: Buoyancy! Effects of rotation on buoyant flows
Interactive Discussion: Synthesis of the effects of Coriolis (Day 1) and buoyant flows (Day 2)
Kit Building: Build your own LEGO DIYnamics kit (which you will get to take home at the end of the workshop)
Experiment: Spontaneous Laboratory IMpromptu Experiments! (SLIME Event!)

Day 3: Wednesday, July 12th

Demo Carnival!

Pick An Experiment: Break into teams and choose from a set of experiments, online visualizations, and/or resources
Demonstration (see): A DIYnamics team member will demonstrate the experiment that you chose for the Demo Carnival
Practice (do): Your team will practice the demo together. Determine how best to teach your demo to the rest of the workshop
Demo Carnival! (teach): Each group will present their chosen demonstration and highlight connections to climate
Open Discussion: How would you best incorporate hands-on experiments, people demonstrations, or online resources into your curriculum? Get connected with your fellow workshop attendees, and highlight any outstanding challenges, or questions you may have
Formal Evaluation: Mandatory workshop evaluation
Box-up kits: Upon finishing the evaluation, pack your kits up to send/carry home