You be the Isopleth!

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Kristen Foley, Western Michigan University


I will demonstrate the whole activity. I'd love for the participants to act as my students and will move throughout some supplied "data" in the room.


In a room where numbers 1-10 are written on index cards and scattered around, students physically align themselves around the room as an isopleth determined by the instructor. Learning outcomes are: Following the lesson, students will be able to define isopleths as lines of equal value on a map and be familiar with common isopleth types (for example, isobars, isotherms, etc.); Students will be able to determine the interval between isopleths; Using a map with isopleths, students will be able to determine values for given locations


It is part of a content course on meteorology for pre-service elementary teachers. It is at the beginning of the course and used as a part of the lecture, allowing the students to physically see and better understand how the data is displayed and what it means

Why It Works

Students get to move around through the data. This invites the students to see where they stand and where others stand within the data, creating a real-life version of the data spread.

Presentation Media

You be the Isopleth! (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 120kB Jul12 22)