Advancing Discovery of DEIJ-Related Resources

Poster Session Part of Wednesday Poster Session


John McDaris, Carleton College
Sean Fox, Carleton College

The Compass project seeks to improve the discoverability of existing, high-quality Earth education resources by leveraging the technical infrastructure developed by the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College. One facet of this work is to bring greater visibility to themes of key importance to community. Our initial focus is to improve the discoverability of resources around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the geosciences. We have developed a new controlled vocabulary with terms that identify resources that can be used to attract, support, and prepare diverse students in the geosciences as well as terms focused on creating a just and equitable curriculum with benefits for all students. The vocabulary has been applied to existing materials in the collection, is available for projects to use going forward, and has been used to highlight these materials to SERC visitors through a variety of new mechanisms.

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Advancing Discovery of DEIJ-Related Resources (Acrobat (PDF) 714kB Jul18 22)