Amazing Race Geology Edition

Wednesday 1:00-1:30pm PT / 2:00-2:30pm MT / 3:00-3:30pm CT / 4:00-4:30pm ET Online
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Angela Daneshmand, Santiago Canyon College


Amazing Race Geology Information Guide can be found here:

During the share-a-thon, I will go through the steps from set up to end, give a few examples of questions/mini-models that I have used, and explain how I have adapted this for use online.


Amazing Race Geology Edition uses IF-AT cards as a tool to enable students to embark on an interactive review game to solidify their content knowledge before an upcoming exam.The instructor will set up between 10-25 stations around the room (and around campus if possible). Students travel in groups to as many stations as possible looking at models/data/pictures/etc to answer questions before the time runs out. IF-AT cards provide a way for the instructor to give direct feedback to a large number of students in an efficient manner. Students know if they are right or wrong without having to refer to the instructor for every question. If they are wrong, they can open up a hint envelope and the team can rework through the problem until they get the answer correct. Once time is up, everyone reconvenes and counts their points depending on how many chances they used to answer each question.


This activity is done at the end of a semester as a final exam review. I've used it at both 2YC and 4YC locations with positive feedback from students. Feedback from students was that it was fun and really helped them for the final exam. They wished I had done it for every exam! It is best used along with IF-AT cards, although modifications can be made to run the activity without them.

Why It Works

Students travel around in groups so this promotes communication, critical thinking and problem solving, analyzing and interpreting data as well as teamwork. Students are challenged at each pit stop and are engaged in the activity throughout the class session. They are able to complete the work on their own using IF-AT cards. If they get the answer incorrect they get immediate feedback and can rework the problem as a team.

Presentation Media

Instruction Handout for Amazing Race Geology Edition (Acrobat (PDF) 63kB Jul7 20)

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