Initial Publication Date: January 27, 2020

Evening Activities

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Sunday Opening Reception

Join us for the Opening Reception for Online Rendezvous taking place via Zoom on Sunday, July 12 from 6pm-7pm EDT! Take this opportunity to meet new colleagues, catch up with old ones, and anticipate a great week of Earth education. Rendezvous leaders will summarize the program and give you a heads up about how things will start on Monday morning. We will also have a couple of informal activities designed to help you get to know your fellow participants. Registered participants can find connection info on the Opening Reception web page.


Join us Wednesday, July 15, at 6pm Eastern for a Geo2YC, GER and TED Division Happy Hour!

As many of you know, these Divisions co-host a social annually at the Earth Educator's Rendezvous. That this year's Rendezvous has gone online is no excuse to not be social – so we're moving our social to Zoom. Fix yourself a plate of snacks, grab a favorite beverage, and meet us online for our annual social. Hosts will help move you into breakout rooms of your choice. (We're going to let the early arrivers make groups as they see fit – either based on a topic they want to discuss, or people they want to chat with, or an EER workshop that was too good to not continue the conversation.) You can switch breakout rooms by leaving the one you're in and asking the host to put you into another.

The festivities will start at 6 pm Eastern (5 pm Central, 4 pm Mountain, 3 pm Pacific) and will end when people are tired of their computer.

Connection Information

Below is the link to the Zoom social. When you sign in, please use your first and last name and make sure to share your audio and video. You do not need to be a member of these Divisions or be registered for the EER to participate.

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