Tuesday 1:30pm-2:40pm
Share-a-Thon Part of Share-a-Thon


Katie Boyd, University of Colorado at Boulder


We will present the collection and demonstrate how to search through it. We will also show participants where to find the teaching guidance and NGSS resource pages. We will pass out postcards with information about CLEAN.


The Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) Collection is a database of reviewed educational climate and energy science resources for grades 6-16. CLEAN helps teachers find quality resources and provides guidance for teaching about these topics. The collection has also been aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), allowing secondary teachers to support student learning goals. The CLEAN resources stand-alone and can thus be used by educators to supplement or build their existing curriculum. CLEAN has also developed a template of how resources can also be organized into NGSS-aligned units that teachers can use to integrate climate and Earth science into their classes. In this share-a-thon, we will describe how to use the collection and teaching resources.


The target audience is secondary and higher education teachers. Our collection provides many activities that can be used to address climate and energy in the classroom. We also provide guidance and templates for building units out of the resources.

Why It Works

It is important that we prepare tomorrow's scientists, decision makers and citizens to address the societal impacts of a changing climate. In order to respond, manage, and adapt to those change citizens of all ages need accurate, up to date information, knowledge of the sciences, and analytical skills to make responsible decisions and long-term plans regarding these challenging topics. CLEAN provides the ability for teachers to instill this knowledge and skills in students.