Building on-ramps to more effective teaching in tectonics

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:45pm TSU - Humphries: 118
Poster Session Part of Wednesday


Phil Resor, Wesleyan University
Barb Tewksbury, Hamilton College
Jennifer Wenner, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Despite significant gains over the last two decades, there remains a large percentage of geoscience faculty who have yet to move toward incorporating engaged teaching practices in their courses. Following recommendations of the 2018 tectonics community vision document we convened a workshop in April, 2019 to write a set of on-ramp guides to help instructors quickly access existing resources and incorporate best teaching practice into their courses. Each 2-page on-ramp guide focuses on a single geoscience education-related topic and includes 1) a simple scenario illustrating an application to a tectonics-related course, 2) a list of reasons for making this change, 3) tips for success, 4) a list of additional examples with variations on the theme and 5) links to more resources. The initial set of eight on-ramp guides covers brainstorming, case studies, compelling discussions, concept sketches, interactive lecture, jigsaws, a just-in-time approach and quantitative skills building. The guides have been published as web pages available through the NAGT Teach the Earth (TTE) portal. Links from tectonics community web sites as well as pdf and print versions of the on-ramp guides will enable a broader audience to discover, navigate, and use resources from the TTE collection. Additional tectonics-themed on ramps are under development and we envision that a similar approach could be adopted by other geoscience sub-disciplines.