Exploring Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans Using the Fluid Earth Viewer

Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm TSU - Humphries: 118
Poster Session Part of Friday


Jason Cervenec, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Aaron Wilson, Ohio State University-Main Campus
Using open-source code and publicly available atmospheric and ocean model data sets, a team at The Ohio State University created the Fluid Earth Viewer (FEV), an interactive, intuitive, and visually appealing web tool that allows users to explore current and past conditions of our planet's atmosphere and oceans. Building on extensive user-testing with audiences that included undergraduate students, middle school students and the general public, FEV serves as a vehicle of modern Earth science communication, making complex data accessible and engaging in both informal and formal education settings.

A description of the interdisciplinary project team, user testing process, user testing data, and insights that were gleaned during the project will be presented. Beyond showcasing how FEV is readily expandable to include additional data sets, the presenter is interested in brainstorming collaborations with new partners and exploring novel applications of the tool for learners of all ages. FEV is accessible online at fever.bpcrc.osu.edu.