Writing course goals and learning outcomes for individual lessons

8:30 Introductions and icebreakers

9:00 Writing course goals—leaders will present strategies for writing effective course goals, participants will critique example course goals, participants will individually write their own course goals, participants will give and receive feedback for their course goals, participants will revise their course goals

10:00 Break

10:15 Writing learning outcomes for individual lessons—leaders will present strategies for writing effective learning outcomes for individual lessons, participants will choose learning outcomes from a list of examples or write their own learning outcomes, participants will share learning outcomes via posters and review and compare each other's outcomes

11:20 Road Check

11:30 Adjourn for the day


Demonstration and explanation of active learning strategies, including the Teach the Earth website, and using strategies to support learning outcomes.

8:30 Overview

8:45 Introduction to active-learning strategies within a lesson—leaders will present several active learning strategies via a jigsaw (Think-Pair-Share, ConcepTest, minute paper, gallery walk, graphic organizers/Venn diagrams, jigsaw)

9:45 Break

10:00 Applying one of these strategies to achieve a learning outcome in one lesson—participants design a short activity to address a learning outcome, participants give and receive feedback on their activity, participants revise their activity

10:50 Exploring Teach the Earth— participants will explore Teach the Earth for a short amount of time, participants will divide into groups and briefly share what they found

11:20 Road Check

11:30 Adjourn for the day


Designing lessons, giving and receiving feedback, end of workshop evaluation

8:30 Overview

8:45 Designing lessons—participants will design several lessons using concepts from the workshop; participants will create a poster sharing one lesson

9:30 Break

9:45 Giving and receiving feedback—participants will give and receive feedback for their lessons from other participants and the leaders

10:35 Reflection—participants will apply feedback to changing their designed lesson; participants will outline several other lessons using what they've learned

11:15 Workshop evaluation

11:30 Adjourn