An Integrate Modules Derived Geoscience Course: A Working Model Review

Monday 3:30pm Northrop Hall: 116


Rob Rohrbaugh, El Paso Community College
The vast selection of material available with current Integrate learning modules provides an opportunity to evolve select courses into an applied and/or site-based learning format with ready-to-use materials. This format moves beyond the typical concept lecture/assessment pedagogy, and utilizes real-world situations and data analysis to enhance concept learning and critical thinking skills. The current selection of Integrate modules provides coverage for all the core course concepts and beyond, and therefore a course can be entirely derived from the available modules. A course can be supplemented with accessory material for either concept enhancement or background refreshment. Rob Rohrbaugh of El Paso Community College will present the aspects of a newly implemented Geoscience course (second term) derived entirely of Integrate modules. Course elements to be presented will include: Hybrid structure with Blackboard, overview of utilized Integrate modules, trial analysis of no-test assessment, consequential student engagement, challenges/failures, and future course adjustments. This presentation will serve as a guide model for implementing Integrate modules either into existing courses or comprehensive course restructuring for evolving towards an applied concepts pedagogy.

Presentation Media

Integrate Derived Course Review (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 12.6MB Jul15 17)