Initial Publication Date: December 11, 2015

Contributed Program: Oral, Poster, and Teaching Demonstration Sessions

Many of us have interests in multiple areas of Earth Science education in addition to our discipline-specific interests, and the Rendezvous is designed to allow exploration of these areas in ways not possible during conventional scientific meetings. The Contributed Program is a critical component to this end, and offers both a venue to present work and an opportunity to see what is going on in the Earth Science education community.

The Rendezvous provides a unique opportunity to present and discuss your work with an audience of Earth Educators. Contributions will be organized under three broad areas, some of which will complement workshop sessions and even dynamically feed into workshop content. Sub-themes will be organized based on abstracts submitted. We encourage attendees to suggest sub-themes, and even organize related presentations as a set.

Please review the Presenter Guidelines before submitting your abstract or activity sheet.

Abstract submission has closed.

Presenter Guidelines

Oral and Poster Submissions via abstract:

I. Education Research and Disciplinary-Based Education Research: research on learning and cognition, and investigations of how teaching and learning takes place in an earth science context, taking into account the particular priorities, practices and worldview of our discipline.

II. Teaching, Curricula and Programs: exploration of the full range of what people are doing in their programs and classrooms. This includes innovative and effective activities, program and course design as well as practices focused on particular subjects such as risk mitigation, climate change, sustainability, and teaching with large data sets.

Proposals for Teaching Demonstrations:

III. Active Teaching Demonstrations: we are soliciting proposals for demonstrations of successful activities that could result in "take-homes" for attendees to use in their own teaching. Demonstrations should be an active, e.g. something that audience members participate in, or a video or slide show of students performing the activity. We welcome proposals for activities that are already a part of the On the Cutting Edge collection as well as new submissions. View Guidelines and example.

If you are interested in proposing a teaching demonstration, please fill out the proposal form by the March 1 deadline. You will be notified by April 1 if your demonstration has been accepted, at which point you will be asked to submit a full on-online activity description in the style of an On the Cutting Edge activity, or to update an already existing activity page.