Connecting Students to the World they Live In

Friday 1:30pm-4:00pm REC Center Lower Gym Meeting Room
Mini Workshop


Michael Phillips, Illinois Valley Community College

Courses in earth sciences have an inherent connection to the world in which our students live. In this session, we will begin with a discussion of pedagogies that engage the students and use faculty experiences to provide examples. We will discuss course experiences that appeal to students' current interests and surroundings while delivering information that the students may continue to use long after completion of the course. Some participants will want to develop an exercise while others will already have that and will be looking to broaden their approach. The shared experiences discussed at the beginning will be broad, and, as the session progresses, we will accommodate the desired outcomes of participants based on the needs and expectations expressed.

The pedagogies discussed will include Service Learning, Using Local Examples and Data, Using Real World Examples, Utilizing Field Work, and Contrasting Narratives. More information is available here: Integrate: Connecting Students to the World We Live In.


  • Identify characteristics of connections to the world "outside" that will impact students
  • Develop course "materials" (encompassing a broad range of possibilities) that will deliver subject material in a manner that highlights connections to the world "outside."


Presentation Slides (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 637kB Jul16 15) Participant Workspace
(limited access site)

1:30 Welcome & Introductions

1:45 Discussion of "connected" course materials and identification of key characteristics: How are course materials connected to the student's world in a manner that is meaningful? Look at examples from Integrate: Connecting Students to the World We Live In

2:15 Participants form small groups based on courses or subjects of interest. Discuss and develop target topics for development of "connected" course materials (15 minutes). Small groups develop "connected" course materials (30 minutes).

3:00 Display and sharing of "connected" course materials and action/implementation plan. (Gallery walk.)

3:30 Revise materials based on feedback received during display and sharing

4:00 Workshop reflection and discussion: What are the take-aways?

4:15 Adjourn

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