Strengthening Career Preparation in Your Program

Monday 1:30pm-4:00pm CIRES Fellows Room
Mini Workshop


Phyllis Pouyat Thibodeau, World Learning/ Graduate Institute @ DC

Education Programs are increasingly evaluated by multiple stakeholders including Employers who seek specific Career Competencies as well as technical skills to meet the needs of the emerging Global "Green" Economy. Students must be prepared to perform complex problem solving, collaborative leadership with interdisciplinary teams, and adaptive communications skills to translate science within business, policy, NGO's and education sectors. Paradigms for classrooms are shifting to involve multiple mentors and modes that intersect with local, national and global experiential learning projects that can enhance learning outcomes, build networks and open up job opportunities beyond graduation, while also engaging new "research" partners for universities. Through a presentation and interactive exercises, this workshop will demonstrate proven ways to integrate career learning within academic classrooms and programs to synergistically motivate and maximize achievement outcomes on the transcript and ultimately during the job interview!


  • Explore and evaluate changing trends in education-to-workforce development in "Green Economy" and how typically segregated academic vs career processes may be interactive and integrated.
  • Review proven career preparation methods and 4-stage process that may be adapted to variable curricula, delivery modes and timelines to provide customized learning plans.
  • Collaborate with participating Earth Educators to develop a "stakeholder analysis" that may lead to partnership development to support creative curriculum, career and organizational benefits – locally and globally.
  • Develop curriculum SWOT analyses, compare possible strategies and action plans.


1:30 Welcome & Introductions

1:45 Overview of "Career Ecosystems" with introduction of Career Preparation Process

2:30 Earth Education "Stakeholder" Analysis Discussion

3:00 Education to Career Competencies "SWOT" Analysis Activity

3:30 Ideas and Opportunities to Collaborative Action Plans

4:00 Develop Group Knowledge Network for ongoing updates!

4:10 End of Workshop Evaluation

4:15 Adjourn