Workshop Program

Alumni Guest House Meeting Room

Dec. 7, Wednesday


    Lunch with the "Writing with Numbers" workshop


    Introduction & welcome. Workshop goals and processes. Alumni Guest House Library

1:45-4:45 pm

    Share Pre-Workshop Perspectives in interdisciplinary teams

  1. Listening and note-taking on individual perspectives on Carleton's energy future
  2. Small group discussion of 3 perspective pieces (key ideas, key questions, key methods, etc...)
  3. Creation of an imaginary "blended inquiry" seminar by team using small group perspectives

Dec. 8, Thursday

1-4:45 pm

    Presentation of "blended seminars" by interdisciplinary teams
    Reaction of large group to blended inquiry seminars (post-it exercise)

    Report by Richard Strong and Fred Rogers: Carleton's perspective on its energy situation and future (PowerPoint 586kB Apr3 06) (client perspective)

    Large group discussion of Richard's and Fred's presentation

Dec. 9, Friday

1-3:45 pm

    Additional insights from participants about Richard and Fred's presentation on the college perspective, and the workshop overall

    How to enhance interdisciplinary teaching of energy and other problems at Carleton?
    Next steps in faculty and curriculum development?

    Workshop evaluation and summary (Microsoft Word 35kB Apr3 06)