Environmental Science at Carleton

Environmental Science at Carleton is strongly tied to our Program in Environmental & Technology Studies (ENTS). Jump down to past activities.

Projects listed below were last updated in August, 2006. More recent activities are detailed above.

Past Curriculum Development and Faculty/Student Research

Learn about past curriculum development and faculty/student research efforts undertaken with funding from HHMI through CISMI.

The Concentration in Environmental & Technology Studies (ENTS)

The Environmental and Technology Studies (ENTS) Program grew out of the conviction that the College has a responsibility to prepare students to respond to the grave threats posed to natural ecosystems by patterns of human development. The program brings faculty, staff, and students together from a broad range of academic departments and backgrounds to address the scientific, economic, social, political, historical, and aesthetic dimensions of human interactions with the rest of the natural environment in the search for just and sustainable environmental solutions.

More on the ENTS concentration

The ENTS Program Brochure (Acrobat (PDF) 117kB Aug4 06)

The Sustainability Initiative at Carleton

On Carleton's Sustainability web site , read about sustainability initiatives at Carleton, organizations at St. Olaf, Northfield, and the Twin Cities that promote sustainability, and information about upcoming events.

Workshop: What is Carleton's Energy Future? December 7-9, 2005

This faculty and staff workshop was a collaboration between CISMI and ENTS (funded by HHMI). The workshop collaboration grew from joint interests in problem-based learning and the desire to engage faculty and staff in the authentic study of an environmental issue on Carleton's campus. The workshop included intense work in small interdisciplinary teams to design a "blended inquiry seminar", team presentations of these ideas, a data-rich presentation and discussion about Carleton's energy future by Richard Strong (Director of Facilities) and Fred Rogers (Vice President and Treasurer), and brainstorming about ideas for the future.

Interdisciplinary team (Kris Wedding, Mark Kanazawa, & Richard Strong) reacts as others discuss their presentation of a "blended inquiry seminar"
The workshop design team included:

  • Kim Smith, Political Science and ENTS
  • Jen Everett, Philosophy and ENTS
  • Trish Ferrett, Chemistry and CISMI
  • Richard Strong, Director of Facilities and ENTS
  • Chris Petit, ENTS 5th Year Intern (2005-06)
  • Tsegaye Nega, ENTS
  • Cam Davidson, Geology and ENTS
  • Julie Klassen, German and ENTS
  • Brian Stenquist, Meeting Challenges (Workshop facilitator)

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