An Interdisciplinary Exploration: What is Carleton's Energy Future?

December 7, 8, and 9, 2005

1-4:30 p.m. (with lunch Wed Dec. 7 at 12:30pm)

Alumni Guest House Meeting Room

You are invited to join a learning community that will study the college's energy future from different perspectives and disciplines. We will work in small interdisciplinary teams to share and probe our own diciplinary/specialty perspectives, moving into creation of a "blended" inquiry in the Carleton's energy future. We also hope to map out a conceptual model for approaching thes problem in future learning experiences with faculty, staff and students. On the last day, we will examine: the role of different perspectives, the experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, and practical issues and prospects in moving this and other real-world problems into classrooms.

Questions? Contact the Energy Workshop Planning Group: Trish Ferrett, Richard Strong, Jen Everett,Deborah Gross, Chris Petit, Brian Stenquist, Kim Smith, Julie Klassen, Cam Davidson, Chris Petit, Deborah Gross, and Tsegaye Nega.

A reservation for the workshop is required. Faculty participants who attend all 3 half-days will receive a stipend of $210, payable to your PDA account.

The workshop will be facilitated by Brian Stenquist. Brian has his own consulting business, Meeting Challenges.

Sponsored by the Carleton Interdisciplinary Science & Math Initiative (CISMI) and Environmental & Technology Studies (ENTS). Funded by Carleton's Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Grant & Carleton College.

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