Biology Prof. Mark McKone carries out prairie studies in Carleton's Arboretum and McKnight Prairie
CISMI was conceived as a long-term initiative by Carleton science and math faculty at a series of retreats in the summer of 2003. CISMI was launched formally in the fall of 2004.

CISMI is coordinated by faculty leaders in consultation with staff in the Dean of the College Office. The Science and Math Steering Board oversees CISMI, plans for the future, and advises on the HHMI grant. We collaborate with many offices and staff across campus, including the Dean of the College Office, Academic Support Services, the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Intercultural Life, and Corporate and Foundation Relations. HHMI (via grants in 2004, 2008and 2012) has supported many of its projects along with generous contributions from Carleton College.

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