Undergraduate Research in Science & Math at Carleton

Research is an integral part of the undergraduate experience at Carleton College. Students have the opportunity conduct research both during the academic year and during the summer. Each summer Carleton approximately 70 undergraduates work with Carleton science and math faculty on authentic research projects. Faculty in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Physics & Astronomy, Psychology, and Mathematics mentor students researchers. The students are supported by a variety of sources including Carleton's HHMI grant, the Towsley endowment, the Clare Boothe Luce research fellows program, department endowed funds and individual faculty grants.

Annual Poster Session

Browse through a collection of student research posters from this annual event.

Student-Faculty Research Projects

See examples of the kinds of projects students and faculty have collaborating on at Carleton.

Undergraduate Research Literature

See a short list of articles about the importance of undergraduate research to the educational experience.

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