For Carleton Students

Introductory Science and Math Courses

Registering for your first science and math courses can be be overwhelming. Learn more about choosing the right introductory courses for you.


Focusing on Cultivating Scientists is designed for students interested in science and promoting diversity in the sciences. Learn more about the Carleton FOCUS program.

Research Opportunities

Opportunities for undergraduates to do real research with faculty in their areas of interest is a very important part of training the next generation of science professionals. Learn more about the opportunities for undergraduate research available at Carleton.

Research Funding

Carleton has two programs to which Carleton students can apply for funding to pay stipends for winter break and summer research: Carleton Summer Science Fellowships and Kolenkow-Reitz awards.

The Annual All Science & Math Poster Session

For about 15 years, Carleton has been hosting an annual All Science & Math Poster Session to show case student research done at Carleton and elsewhere. This event is sponsored by the Carleton Chapter of Sigma Xi and by CISMI with HHMI funds.

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