For Carleton Faculty

These resources and forms derive from grants made available to Carleton faculty. The grant funds were provided by Carleton's funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and are intended to broaden interdisciplinary science teaching at Carleton through curriculum development and providing research experiences for undergraduate students.

Curriculum Development


  • Apply for a Curriculum Development Grant as a part of CISMI's HHMI funding.
  • View progress reports from previous recipients of curriculum development grants.
  • If you received funding to create teaching materials, submit them to the collection.
  • Share a course description for a course you have developed or updated with curriculum development support from CISMI.
  • You can also browse through Teaching Activities and courses descriptions that were created or expanded with curriculum development funding in the Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning section of the site.

Student Research

  • Carleton Faculty can apply for Student Research Award funding to support student researchers on their projects.
  • View reports from Summer Research Advisers or submit a report if you were an advisor.

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