Developing Effective Web-Based Learning Resources in the Geosciences

The following pages contain information, activities, references and links to help faculty creating on-line teaching materials in the Geosciences. This site addresses how to begin the process of putting resources on the web, how to design the educational content of those resources and how to design and build the actual resource. You are encouraged to add to the discussion of the web resources provided here. There are places throughout the site where users can leave feedback and answer questions. User comments will be incorporated into later versions of this web site and future On The Cutting Edge workshops.

Major Considerations

Basic Information - What are we actually talking about?

Before You Begin - This page provides tips and links for things to consider before designing and creating a new online resource.

Educational Design - There are several educational needs that an online resource can help you meet.

Website Design - What "nuts-and-bolts" issues about site design need to be examined?

Reuse of Resources - There are several factors that can affect how you can reuse resources you find as well as how others can reuse your materials.

Annotated References - Links to cited materials and related pages.

Posters and Demonstrations by workshop Participants

Join the Discussion


Developing On-Line Educational Resources is an outgrowth of discussions, presentations and recommendations from the February, 2003 On the Cutting Edge workshop Design Principles for Creating Effective Web-based Learning Resources in the Geosciences. It is co-authored by John McDaris ( and Julie Maxson (, with significant content contributions by the conveners and participants of the workshop.

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