February 9-11, 2003
University of Michigan

This workshop will bring together leaders in learning science and resource design with faculty who have demonstrated a strong interest in resource development in the geosciences. The workshop goal is to foster collaboration between these two communities in order to increase the number of high-quality geoscience teaching and learning resources available on-line. The program will include discussion of the major lessons learned in resource design through research on learning, classroom use, and product evaluation; activities designed to teach principles of instructional design in a geoscience context; development of strategies supporting faculty in developing quality on-line resources; identification of common interests, common problems, opportunities for further collaboration among participants; and development of a plan for continuing activities to foster the use of design principles in creating effective web-based resources. This workshop is one of the 2002 emerging themes offerings which are designed to move critical ideas and concepts into the main-stream of geoscience education. Participants are sought who are leaders in the field and are committed to participating in follow-on activities.

  • Cathy Manduca (Carleton College)
  • Nancy Songer (University of Michigan)

This workshop is part of the program On the Cutting Edge: Workshops for Geoscience Faculty, supported by the National Association of Geoscience Teachers and DLESE with funding provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation-Division of Undergraduate Education.

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