Initial Publication Date: August 31, 2006

Recommended Reading

Here are a few references that introduce various aspects of Teaching with Visualizations. A more extensive annotated bibliography is also available.
  • Tversky et al., 2002 A review of the literature addressing whether or not animations improve learning. (Tverksy provides a preprint pdf file (Acrobat (PDF) 240kB Feb24 04) of this resource for your convenience)
  • Tversky, 2005 A cognitive scientists understanding of the aspects of visualization with a review of relevant literature. (Tverksy provides a preprint Word file (Microsoft Word 3.5MB Feb24 04) of this resource for your convenience)
  • Piburn et al., 2002 A description of visualizations/on-line course materials teaching about topography and block diagrams. An indepth study tests the impact of these resources on students visualization skills and understanding of the content. (Reynolds provides a preprint pdf of this resource on his website (more info) .)
  • Goberts and Clement, 1999 An experiment looking at the impact of drawing diagrams on the understanding students gain from text.
  • Dyche et al., 1993 An early paper reporting students misconceptions when learning from physical models.
  • Kastens et al., 2001 A study of elementary school students that looks specifically at the relationships between visualization tools and map reading.