Development and Evaluation of Where are We?: Map-skills Software and Curriculum
Kim Kastens, D. Kaplan, K. Christie-Blick 2001 Journal of Geoscience Education v49 n3 p249-266

Improvements in the instructional materials used in the prototype version of the Where are We program were accomplished through formative evaluation. These improvements include replacement of text-based instructions with a voiceover demo, development of lessons to overcome common misconceptions, development of lessons to model successful map-using strategies, additional assessment tools for teachers, and more and prompter feedback for students.

Journal of Geoscience Education
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Special Interest: Spatial Thinking
Resource Type: Report
Research on Learning: Assessment:Classroom Methods, Instructional Design, Ways Of Learning, Cognitive Domain:Misconceptions/barriers to learning, Spatial Intelligence:MapsKeywords: software, visual, perception, maps, landscape