The Hidden Earth: Visualization of Geologic Features and their Subsurface Geometry
Michael D. Piburn, Stephen J. Reynolds, Debra E. Leedy, Carla M. McAuliffe, James P. Burk, Julia K. Johnson 2002 National Association for Research in Science Teaching New Orleans, LA

This paper describes the development and testing of computer-based materials for improving understanding of topographic maps and geologic block diagrams and the associated visualization skills. The authors found that the computer-based instructional modules led to significant improvement of spatial visualization abilities and also eliminated a pre-existing gender difference in those abilities. Significantly smaller gains were seen in a comparable control group.

Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, New Orleans, LA, April 7-10, 2002. The author has available a pdf version of this resource (under the heading of 'Notes', subheading 'research on visualization in college geology labs' at the URL listed below.

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Subject: Education
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Special Interest: Spatial Thinking
Research on Learning: Geoscience Expertise:Structural Analysis , Spatial Intelligence:Maps, 3D, Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning