Workshop Program

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Note: This workshop has already taken place. Presentations and outcomes are linked from the program below.

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Day 1: Wednesday, February 3 - Inspiration and Introductions: Why are we here?

10:00- 11:00 Getting Started

  • Introduction to the workshop (PowerPoint 400kB Feb3 10) - Review the workshop goals, expectations, and plan for the week - Dave Mogk, Montana State University- Bozeman
  • Introduction to the technology used for the virtual workshop; introduction to the software, small group interactions, use of the Content Management System - Karin Kirk, SERC
  • Icebreaker activity (PowerPoint 1.9MB Feb3 10) to meet participants and try out technology - Karin Kirk, SERC
  • Continue the icebreaker discussion by telling us more about yourself and your plans in this icebreaker discussion thread.

1:00-2:30 Opening Plenary and Discussion:

Watch the Screencast (MP4 Video 78.6MB Jul31 17)


Discussion Thread Assignment: What is the role of service learning in the context of your instructional setting, such as your institutional mission statement, departmental curriculum, etc.? Reflect on how service learning can fit into the instructional fabric of your institution. What other service-learning resources/courses are part of your institution's curriculum?

Wednesday "Roadcheck" Evaluation: tell us how the workshop is going so far.

Day 2: Thursday, February 4 - Implementing Service Learning in Your Course

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10:00-11:30 Panel presentations and discussion: Three case studies which demonstrate a variety of approaches to service learning projects

Watch the Screencast (MP4 Video 109.9MB Jul31 17)

1:30-3:00 Presentation (PowerPoint 8.7MB Feb3 10) and activity: Using the 8 Block Model - Ed Laine, Bowdoin College

Watch the Screencast (MP4 Video 86.5MB Jul31 17)

Assignment 1: Participate in threaded discussion of opportunities for using service learning in the geosciences.

Assignment 2: Finalize the overview and goals sections for your service learning activity. There is an instructional page about editing your activity that includes a short video tutorial. You must have a SERC account created in order to edit your page.

Day 3: Friday, February 5 - Considering Community Involvement and Assessment

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10:00-12:00 Getting Community Partners on Board

Watch the Screencast (MP4 Video 90.1MB Jul31 17)


1:30-3:00 Assessing Student Learning in Service Learning Projects

  • Panel presentations showing various strategies for assessment. Dave Mogk (Presentation (PowerPoint 282kB Feb5 10)), Ed Laine (Presentation (PowerPoint 264kB Feb5 10))
    Group Assignments, Phone Numbers, and Workspace Pages for Reporting
  • 3:00 pm - Report out and whole group discussion

Watch the Screencast (MP4 Video 65MB Aug2 17)


Friday Roadcheck Evaluation: Tell us how the workshop is going so far.

Weekend Individual Work

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Assignment: Complete a first draft of your activity and submit prior to 10:00 Central time on Monday. These drafts will be reviewed by the members of your working group.

Asynchronous Sessions: Threaded discussion to address common challenges. Start your own threads for other new questions on the discussion board

Day 4: Monday, February 8 - Problem-Solving and Feedback

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Complete your revisions to your activity sheet by 10 AM (Central Time)

10:00-11:00On-line discussion of challenges. Where do you need help? What difficulties did you encounter? What resources do you need?

CALL IN DIRECTLY TO YOUR ASSIGNED SMALL GROUP, and record your best advice using the workspace page (use the link on your group's name)

Group 1: Small Groups: Creating, Managing, Assessing

Stephanie Maes, Mary Cosgrove, Julie Martin, Lois Ongley, Anasa Scott

Group 2: Reflection--Documenting Personal Growth of Students

Frederica Raia, Linda McCall, Bridget Cameron, Stephanie Freeman, Pam Gore

Group 3: Motivation and Buy-In (students, department/colleagues, community)

Bill Locke, Renee Faatz, Jennifer Houghton, Rhonda Spidell

Group 4: Tech Support--Call in if you have uploading/formatting issues

11:00-12:00 Challenges and Opportunities

Reassemble as a whole group

  • Report out of small group recommendations Workspace Page.
  • Introduction to review process and review materials - Karin Kirk


1:00 - 3:30 Review of Activities

  • 1:00-2:00 Read and prepare reviews (if you haven't done this earlier in the day)
  • 2:30-3:30 Small group sessions share reviews in your small group's Workspace Page - THIS IS REQUIRED

Round-robin review by small groups of revised activities. Check posted review criteria, utilize the activity review checklist. Each of you will be assigned to a review group of three or four people.

Please have your review prepared and sent to the author no later than 2:00. All members of the review group should be on the phone call at 2:30.

If there are cross-cutting themes that emerge that you would like to discuss with the larger group, do not hesitate to start a new discussion thread.

3:30 - 4:00 Whole group session and report out

Assignment: Make final changes to your activity so it is complete and ready to go live on Tuesday at 12:30.

Day 5: Tuesday, February 9, 2008

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Morning: Personal work time - Edit your activity based on feedback from reviews.

Final submissions posted at 12:30 and made live.

1:00 Online gallery walk of revised activities. Please post at least one comment on every activity providing feedback to the author. These comments are for the workshop group only, they will not be part of the live collection.

2:00 Contribute to final threaded discussions

3:00-4:00 Closing phone call. Reviewing lessons learned web page and discussion.

Final assignments We need everyone to complete these two steps, so expect us to chase you down if you don't submit them both.

1. Action plan: Please use this action plan (Microsoft Word 54kB Feb8 10) to sketch out your personal next steps following on the workshop (When will you use your activity? Are there things left to finish? Are there other things you plan to do based on your participation in the workshop?) Please upload your completed action plan.

2. End of Workshop Survey: Please complete the online form.