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Using the 8 Block Model  

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Practice using the 8 Block. What you are going to do here is get some practice using 8 Blocks. First analyze one of the three presentation from this morning. Fill in an 8 Block Worksheet (attached below) keeping several questions in mind. What parts of the 8 Block model did you find in the presentation? What weren't you sure of? For example, some faculty may have included mention of a problem statement written by a community partner and presented on letterhead to the students. Another person may allude to written material from the partner or maybe just a description written by the faculty member herself. Maybe there is no written guidance for the students at all. Keep in mind that there are some really experienced service learning types doing these presentations and they may have never seen the particular model you are working with, so go easy on them.

After you have completed this for one of the morning presentations start analyzing your own activity/course from the viewpoint of th 8 Block Model. If you are just getting started at with service learning there may be several holes, but don't get discouraged if there are. There is plenty of time between now and Tuesday to think about how you are going to address any gaps and we all are here to help you.

In any case, upload both 8 Blocks to this discussion thread along with any questions, concerns, thoughts or inspirations that occur to you. Good questions from you lead to useful discussions.



8 Block Worksheet (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 11kB Feb3 10)


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What is 8 Block model? Did you discuss it this morning? I am sorry I was in class.. where can I find ref about it?


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That's part of Thursday's session so you have not missed it.


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Hi All

If you want a sneak peak at the 8 Block model material, either look at my powerpoint which is posted on today's program or go to:


and begin clicking on the links under "A Practical Approach to Incorporating Service-Learning Exercises and Projects into your Geoscience Course:"

Talk to you all in 45 minutes.



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Following Bill Locke's query about the necessity of obtaining a community partner, I would say that it is desirable (even optimal), but maybe not required. There are many instances where we can design a SL project because there is a clear and compelling need to inform the public about a geologic phenomena (seismic hazards, flood probability)--we can do this on the merit of our professional judgement. However, the role of the community partner is, I think, to make sure that the projec does indeed meet a community need (i.e. it isn't just a make work project), and quite often, they will have a perspective that shows new possibilities--thus expanding the impact of the SL project that we may not have considered (given our geo-centric point of view).


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For what it's worth in response to Dave's comment, the SL designation on a course at Rhodes requires that the students interact (in a sustained way over the semester) with a community different than campus community. So for us having a partner is key.
But also in just this beginning of the semester I've noticed that the students respond much more enthusiastically if they have a person/people connected to the project. In my case they have met the students at the high school and are motivated because of their enthusiasm, but they haven't had interaction with Sierra Club yet and it seems like they haven't taken ownership of that part yet.


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I just found the file of the 8-block I can modify. I know we were supposed to do this by 3, but to be honest....it overwhelms me. (I sound like a student huh!) I really need to focus and think because this is not the way I think. So, Ed and others...I am going to hand in my work late...perhaps tomorrow. Sorry.


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The importance of this exercise is that you spend time trying out a new way of looking at course design, do some analysis with this new model, and begin to use the vocabulary. We are also looking for common problem areas so that we can set up small group discussions based on what you report back. We won't be putting together those groups tonight, but we want to start thinking about them tomorrow.



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I picked on Jen (Jen - congrats on putting yourself at risk!) I used both the PowerPoint and the posted activity.
I can see why a LARGE poster is required. [By the way - if you need high-quality large paper, you might ask your local map library what they do with their replaced maps - the backs are great and the fronts are fun!]
What was clear to me is that if you just stream-of-conciousness an exercise (as I have been known to do) the process may get bumpy and the outcome may not be what you wanted. The 8-block model serves as a checklist - ignore it at your peril!
It also seems that Jen was "forced" into this (by time, not necessarily by inclination) and has had to scramble to meet the SL designation - I would hate to be in that position.


Locke critique of Houghton activity (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 13kB Feb4 10)


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I tried my hand at using the Block 8 framework for Pam's presentation about SL at GPC. The connections between the K-12 students, teachers, and college students has given me a new perspective on how we might be able to add college students to our own SL partnerships for water resource education.

I had difficulty with the Project Design block. Since Pam presented multiple SL projects, I believe that to properly execute this exercise we would need to get more details. The fact that Pam was successful in perfoming these SL projects makes me believe that she probably has all of the elements, but they may not have been included in the presentation.


8 Block on SL at GPC (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 14kB Feb4 10)


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Since I missed parts of the presentations, I started with the Japanese Garden that I will be presenting tomorrow. I wanted to see if it did fit in the Service Learning category or if I had created something completely different that was more like community service. It was a good exercise for me and I know after tomorrow many of you will be able to help me flesh this out.


Japanese Garden 8 Block (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 13kB Feb4 10)


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I chose to evaluate Jen's presentation because like the aactivity I submitted to the workshop, her activity is not completely fleshed out. I am hoping that thinking about someone else's activity first will help me to better evaluate my own.


Houghton 8 block (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 13kB Feb4 10)


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Great work. I have downloaded and looked at what has been submitted and I think everybody is on the right track. You are practicing applying a new model which is just the right spirit to go into this exercise with at this stage. Remember to continue to be kind to this morning's brave presenters. None had seen the 8 Block when they submitted their presentations.

Take care all and thanks for everybody's efforts to make today work so well.



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I chose Pam's project to try with the 8 block. There were some aspects in the model that were not specifically addressed in the presentation, but were implied. I thought the project with the school was much more clearly defined, particularly considering the document that was uploaded. I agree with Linda that it was hard to complete the model without more information, but it is very useful to try it on something authored not by myself (I know what I mean and so don't necessarily see what is really there).


8 block for Pam (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 12kB Feb4 10)


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I chose to look at Pam's project for the 8 block. I was very interested to find the ways that she had the students document their work in a school or control outputs. This is a problem that we face at St. Rose with so many choices. this will be helpful to me.


8-block Table for Pam\'s Teaching in the Schools Project (Microsoft Word 40kB Feb4 10)


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I choose Jennifer's project to complete the 8-block for. I wasn't sure what to put for project management, reflections and connections. I felt I needed more information about assessment and building community in the classroom


8-Block for Jennifer Houghton\'s Contaminant Project by Renee Faatz (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 11kB Feb5 10)


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I attempted the 8-block for my Recycling Service Learning Project. I am still unclear about what to put for reflection and connections. But it was helpful.


8-block for Renee Faatz Recycling Service Learning Project (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 12kB Feb5 10)


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Thanks Ed for pointing out that we should be kind to the presenters. I felt a little uncomfortable doing this to them. The point of their presentations wasn't necessarily to give us all this information. So, Jennifer, don't feel criticized. I was very impressed with your project and would feel free to ASK you for more information as needed


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I chose Stephanie's presentation to complete the 8-block model. I thought it was a really interesting presentation and it gave me some ideas for some of my courses. The 8-block is an interesting way of categorizing these service learning projects. I had trouble differentiating between "Assessment" and "Reflection". I see the same issue popping up in my own project. I don't know if the distinction is always necessary. If a reflection paper is used for assessment, surely that involves both "boxes".


8-Block for Stephanie Maes presentation (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 13kB Feb5 10)


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I would like to add a comment to the thread created by David first comment about community partner as necessity or possibility. I can agree with what David writes about the possibility to do something special, interesting and important in absence of possible community partners. But, following what Jen wrote, community partner relations add another dimension. In particular I would like to add to the list the negotiation dimension (including all the interpersonal skills, building trust etc). Students will have to learn the basic steps about how to negotiate at least about time spent on service, amount of work often required that is not only related to the science content of course but IS part of the community partner life, need and therefore in a larger context part of the topic addressed. If the project can be partially or completely designed by students in response to partner' need then the negotiation between partner/students needs and partner/students interests are definitely more evident. I think as professionals we can support student learning this important aspect of learning and work.


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I have completed the 8 block model for Jen's presentation. I would like to develop an activity similar to hers, so I found this presentation very useful.


8-Block model for Jennifer Houghton (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 12kB Feb5 10)


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I looked at all 3 projects and it was difficult to decide on which one concentrate more. They are all interesting and address different aspects and challenges of S-L. At the end I choose Pam's because I ma doing something similar that is causing me some headache :) and I am more insecure on how to go about it I thought that these work will help me define my own goals more clearly and help me identify things I need to flash out and work on Thank you, IT DID.


8-block-Gore-FR (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 16kB Feb5 10)


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Maureen For sure there is overlap between the Assessment/Reflection boxes. Maybe the 8 block is showing its age a little. In the 90s for many of us reflection was something new and faculty may have been a little reluctant to put it in the assessment box. The value of reflection seems very well accepted in many circles now and it is often used as as part of assessment. In nursing, for example, students on a pediatrics ward are encouraged to reflect on the connections between their practical experiences and their classroom work. These reflections are often graded.



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Thanks, Ed. We had planned on using some form of reflection paper in our project as well. I have no experience assigning marks to this sort of assignment, but perhaps the afternoon session will help me see a way forward. It's good to know it's been used successfully in a number of settings.


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Your 8 block template got me thinking and trying to connect the blocks with each other. This is what I came up with as in interim draft product. I figured out what the columns were (for me anyway); I wonder if the rows can be time as in pre-project and during/post project?

Hope I did the attribution correctly.



modifed 8 block (Microsoft Word 30kB Feb9 10)


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