Paleogeographic Maps and Paleoreconstrutions

Global Paleogeogrphic Maps (more info) This website contains paleogeographic and plate tectonic reconstructions presented by Ron Blakey and Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc. Global images are available as mollewide (oval) globes, round globes, and rectangular maps in 27 time slices. More detailed regional maps are available for particular regions including Europe, North America, Colorado Plateau, and SW North America.
Regional Paleogeogrphic Maps ( This site may be offline. ) Contains a series of plate-tectonic reconstructions showing relative plate positions through Earth history. These beautiful reconstructions by geologist Ron Blakey (formerly Northern Arizona University) and Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc.

Paleogographic Maps (more info) from Chris Scotese illustrates global plate tectonic development, as well as the changing configuration of landmasses and seas during the past 1100 million years. An array of colorful paleogeographic maps for geologically significant periods of earth's history is provided. Each paleogeographic map displays the reconstructed positions of modern continental coastlines, shelf margins, major tectonic boundaries, active plate boundaries and seafloor spreading isochrones.
Paleoclimatic Maps (more info) also from Chris Scotese illustrates global climatic history superimposed on tectonically changing globe through time.