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SOEST Isotope Lab

Univ. of Hawaii

Contact Information

Ken Rubin or Doug Pyle


krubin@hawaii.edu or pyled@hawaii.edu



Instrument Type

Mass Spectrometers - Radiogenic Isotopes
Two TIMS multi-collectorys (VG Sector and VG Sector54-WARP with ion counting Daly)
MC-ICP-MS (Nu-HR with abundance sensitivity filter)
Alpha spectrometer (8-detector system for short-lived isotopes)


Whole-rock and mineral analysis (radiogenic and radioactive isotope and trace element)

Typical Use:

Radiogenic and radioactive isotope analysis in volcanic rocks, minerals, fluids, sediments and biological specimens

Conditions for Use:

Visitors are invited to work in the lab to work with lab personnel. Visitors are invited to work in the lab to design and do the work yourself.

User Fees:

Per sample rates.

Instrument Priorities:

Funded research takes top priority. Work is scheduled in advance to accommodate user schedules. Short-term visitors have priority access to the facilities during their visits. Otherwise, we try to maintain equal access for all users.

Remote Use:


Sample Preparation:

Sample prep is generally the responsibility of the user, doing prep work in our class-100 clean room facility.The facility also operates a physical sample prep space where samples can be cleaned, crushed, sieved, and leached, and where minerals can be separated by heavy liquids and magnetic methods.

Standard Collections/Lab Blanks:


Educational Use:

Undergraduate student research projects are invited. Graduate student research projects are invited.

Support provided by:

Primarily NSF (multiple projects), secondarily NOAA, state of Hawaii, and private sector users.

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