Ted's Triplet #7--written by Ted Sanella

(Published in Balance and Swing, Ted Sanella, 1982, Country Dance and Song Society , Northampton MA)

Walk Through

Form sets of three couples in long lines, partners facing each other, with gents on the right side of the band/caller, ladies on the left.

A1 Top two couples turn your own with an allemande right one and a half times (Turn your partner with a right hand turn, palm to palm works best, use a little tension in your arms to "give weight", and turn clockwise one and a half times, changing places across the set with your partner) Symmetry: 2-fold axis.

Same four do a right and left through (Top two couples: face your partner, pull past each other with a right hand to opposite side; still facing outside, the left hand person scoops the right hand person up around the waist and pivots one half turn until all are facing across the set; for this 'courtesy turn' men turn men on their side of the set and ladies turn ladies--it's OK, this is kinder, gentler, more tolerant new millennium. NOTE: the original head couple will have progressed one place to the second position; lines should have gents on one side and ladies on the other) Symmetry: ~mirror as you pass through, and 2-fold axes as you turn along the lines.

A2 Turn contra corners. (Before you do this move, the original head couples, now in the middle position, should look across the set to their right to find their "first contra corner" and then to the left to find their "second contra corner." The move goes like this: The original head couple (now in the 2nd position)reaches right hands across to their partner, pull past and look to the right; find your first contra corner and turn with the left hand once around; now head back to the center of the set and turn your partner with the right hand about a half turn until you are looking at your second contra corner; turn the second contra corner once around with the left hand and head back to the center of the set) Symmetry: approximates a center of symmetry as partners pass through the center of the set and head out to their first and then second contra corners. Turns on the outside with your contra corners is a 2-fold rotation.

B1 Active couple balance and swing in the center of the set. (Join hands with your partner, take a step in and a step out in 4 beats, and then in the ballroom position swing your partner round and round 3X; end facing up the set). Symmetry: 2 fold rotation in the swing; simple harmonic oscillation in the balance).

B2 Actives come up the center, separate, go down the set on the outside to the bottom of the line (Bottom couple slides up to center, active couple ends up on bottom of set in lines of same gender). Symmetry: Mirror

Everybody do-si-do (Pass right shoulders with your partner, and then back-to-back and back to the long lines. Symmetry: Mirror

End of dance: Head couple has moved to the bottom of the set, translating one full unit distance. Repeat the dance at least 5X. After every cycle, there is a new head couple, and the bottom couple slides up one place. Symmetry: Translation

Download the video of the complete dance (MP4 Video 24.3MB Apr29 09)

Download the audio file (MP3 Audio 2.4MB May21 09) of music and calls so that you can do this dance in your own class!

The full dance (MP4 Video 77.7MB Aug1 17) performed by dancers from Montana State University and the Bozeman Folklore Society with music from The Broken String Band.