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Todd Ellis
Earth Sciences
SUNY College at Oneonta
108 Ravine Parkway
Oneonta, NY 13820

About me:
Hey everybody! My name is Todd, and I am a first year faculty member at The SUNY College at Oneonta, upstate in New York (look between Binghamton and Albany). I finished my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science this summer at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where I studied the connections between climate change and precipitation changes in the atmosphere and worked with the CloudSat Education Network and the GLOBE program presenting several programs to middle and high school science classes. Before CSU, I has a Penn State meteorology and physics student, where I first developed my love for offering hands-on demonstrations to students in introductory classes.

I don't have an activity that I currently use to connect Hurricanes and Climate Change, though I have some ideas on what I would want to do (especially trying to expose intro students to the statistics that are often at the center of studies of climate change). I'm hoping that the spark of a hands-on approach may be ignited during this workshop - if so, that's what I want to pursue. As you'll see in my talk this week, my philosophy is that if I can let students "do" science, then they will understand the science much better. If the spark isn't there right away, I think I would pursue some way to let intro students work with data and explore the relationships for themselves. This activity would be part of the new climate change course my colleague and I are creating to be taught next year.