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Melinda Huff
Physical Science
Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college
200 I St. NE
Miami, OK 74354


My background is very diverse, but includes geology, biology, and environmental science. I have a huge interest in paleoclimate (particularly information from lake sediments) and climate change. I am currenlty teaching freshman and sophmore, primarily non-science majors, at a small 2 year college in the middle of no where (NE OK). This is my third year as a full-time faculty.

I was interested in taking this class because I have a climate change componenet to all 3 of my classes (physical geology, environmental science, and general physical science). I have take several of NAGT's online worshops and love them. My environmental science course is new this semester, and my new geology text for this year has a chapter on climate change (I haven't inserted it in that class in the past).


I don't have my activity done yet. I have been swamped with classes this week and have had little time to work on it. I am hoping to have it done late this afternoon (after I get out of lab). I apologize to the group that will be waiting to comment on mine :o(