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Maria-Serena Poli Poli
Geography and Geology
Eastern Michigan University
205 Strong Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

I am a marine micropaleontologist studying past ocean circulation changes and their relation to climate. I teach a variety of Earth Science courses at a mainly undergraduate institution, both on campus and online. In particular, every semester I am in charge of a 200-level class on weather and climate change, where every time we discuss severe weather students have several questions on if and how global warming will affect hurricanes. Therefore, would like to develop an online lab activity for my students where they will use available data to inquiry about possible relations between global warming and the number and intensity of hurricanes. This lab will be for college students, but since a large number of our majors are in the teaching track, I would like to have also a simplified version at the high school level that my students can use when they start teaching.